August 17, 2010

Hello again,

Sprockhövel - Family home

Taking advantage of email availability when I can!  This will just be a short one as Charli is hovering itching to get on Facebook!

We arrived without fanfare in Düsseldorf on Monday, and were greeted by my uncle and his son.  Our flight arrived an hour late and the poor guys had no idea which airline or flight we were coming on.  I had written everything down for my mom, but apparently only the arrival time was the essential piece of information to relay.  However, both uncle and cousin are smart cookies and they figured out that there were only 3 flights arriving at the scheduled time and they knew we were arriving from Edinburgh – so all well in the end!

Sprockhövel - view from my aunt's window

Leaving Scotland it was actually sunny for the whole day!  Too bad we spent most of it either at the airport or flying.  Arrival in Germany – and guess what – it was raining!  To date it hasn´t stopped much.  Urk.  Promises of better weather abound – just as they did in Scotland.   

Sheep as landscapers in a Sprockhövel park

More isolated here in Sprockhövel .  Buses run every hour only and we haven´t figured them out either.  That´s ok we are getting in lots of walking (good practice for my pilgrimage) and visiting (good practice for our German).

Lake near Sprockhövel

It has been great to reconnect with my relatives, and of course, show Charli off (the last time she was here she was only 10), and they have been unfailingly hospitable.  But, because of a number of things;   isolation – my aunties are past driving age and the cousins work, lots of relatives on vacation, weather (maybe we can outrun it?), and my 80 year old aunt gave up her home (she’s staying with a friend) so we could stay here, we’ve decided to cut our time in Sprockhövel short and head to Heidelberg before going on to Oberammergau.

Surfboarder and Swan - lake near Sprockhövel

Depending on internet access at the hotel, I will write more when we get to either Heidelberg or Oberammergau.  I did mention hovering Gidget earlier, so better end off now!

Cheers to all!

Anita and Charli