Here is the recipe for the vegetable soup that Marlene made for me.  I have translated to the best of my ability!  Translations follow in brackets.

Marlene’s Gemusse Suppe  (Marlene’s Vegetable Soup)

*Note – all vegetables are chopped as you like.

6 kartoffeln  (potatoes)

4 grosse mohren (big carrots)

1 kleiner kopf weisskohl oder spitskohl (small head of cabbage – white or ??)

2 kleine zucchini (small zucchini)

Green beans (a handfull or so)

½ zwiebel (onion)

2-3 el olivenol (el = tablespoon olive oil)

1 el gemusebruhe pulver (vegetable stock powder)

Gemusse in olivenoil anbraten,mit wasser auffullne bis
gemusse knappbedeckt ist, mit salz abschmecken, ca 30-40 mino. Leicht kocheln.

(Saute vegetables in olive oil, then top up with water until vegetables are just covered.  Salt to taste.  Simmer for 30-40 minutes.)

Liebe anita, du kanst jedes emussewerwenden, das du in
kuhlschrank hast und du kerne isst!

(You can also use whatever vegetables you particularly like and have in the fridge!)

I hope you enjoy this fabulous yet simple soup as much as I did.