I am a fifties something gal who finally realized a decades held dream to travel, travel, travel.  In 2010 from August to December I traveled Scotland and Germany on my own.  Well, my daughter was with me for the month of August, but she had to return home to begin her final year of high school, so I bravely carried on. 

I had traveled before with my family, but that was limited to the usual 2-3 weeks. Still we saw small parts of Germany, Spain and Italy, Oregon and did the California Disneyland thing.  Travels in Canada were limited to Alberta, Nova Scotia and British Columbia.

In 2010, three years of planning came to fruition and I was off!  It was all I had hoped it would be and much more.  Along the way I sent “updates” to an ever growing list of “readers” and because of the encouragement received from those folks I have set up this blog to post my travel tales.  

This is primarily a travel blog, but I will be tossing in the odd extra thing.

For the simple reason that these travels have already happened you’ll be joining me on some time travel into the past.    I have changed personal names unless the person/s didn’t mind having their real name mentioned.  Hope you enjoy reading these posts as much as I enjoyed writing them!

In case you are interested.  My blog name is inspired from a quote by Lao Tzu a Chinese philosopher who wrote during the 1st century BCE.  He said: A journey of a thousand miles begins by first finding your shoes.