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Hello again,

Thought I would take advantage of the access to email while I can! The B&B folks here have been most accommodating.

I’ve given up trying to read the weather for the day! It changes every 10 minutes, or so it seems. Charli says it is very moody. Quite literally you can be shrugging off your jacket one moment because you are too hot and then scuttling for shelter in the next because the rain is pelting down. Most people here seem resigned to the fickle mercy of the Weather Fates.

Charli's Haggis taste treat

I’ve since learned that most of the buildings are made of sandstone. It starts out a fairly pale beige color but over time and pollution becomes a dirty gray/black.

The bus system continues to amaze us and we can see why they are on time. The drivers will not stop even to wait 2 seconds for some poor sod (English/Scottish vernacular sneaking in) who is making a mad dash to catch the bus. And, if you press that buzzer for a stop you better make sure you are near the door ready to get off or else you’ve just elected to get off at the next stop. For that reason I don’t like to ride at the top of the double-decker. I haven’t managed to lurch down the stairs fast enough yet. Oh well, walking is good!


Grassmarket Street - The Last Drop

Just last night, I was almost taken out by a bus when crossing the street late at night (well 10PM is late for me!). It came so close that Charli asked if I was wearing clean underwear in case a trip to the hospital had been necessary. I can see that my scampering technique needs to be augmented with fleeing skills.

The Underbelly

We’ve explored downtown Edinburgh quite a bit and have been on half of the Royal Mile about 3 times.

Edinburgh - Royal Mile - Charli

Still haven’t been to Edinburgh Castle, but maybe tomorrow. The Fringe Festival is happening now, and we’ve enjoyed several of the street performer shows.

Edinburgh Castle

Fringe posters

There are also a lot of small plays taking place. We heard one person say that if you went to every one it would take you 2 years to see them all. A LOT of people around. Not generally my favorite thing to do – dodging around folks or snailing along behind masses of people – but it is part of the experience. Which I have had enough of now. 🙂

Fringe Festival - Street performers - The Flag

We’ve taken a couple of tours. Mary King’s Close (mainly underground) is worth seeing – gives you an idea of what it was like in the 1600’s. Yesterday, we went on a bus tour to see the Highlands


and Loch Ness. A long day, 12 hours, but gave a really good overview of some of the Highlands area. Tell you the truth – except for being more treeless and having stone manors and castles dotted here and there – a person could believe that they are still in British Columbia.


We also took a boat tour on Loch Ness – alas no beastie was seen – it was probably hiding from the rain!

Search for Nessie

Loch Ness

Today, we are going to head out to see Roslyn Chapel. For those of you that have read “The Da Vinci Code” – this Chapel figures significantly in the book. And, sometime during the day, we’ve got to get some laundry done – need clean underwear – just in case. 😀

That’s it! I don’t know when we can get on the internet again – probably at the hotel in Oberammergau.

Roslyn Chapel

We are heading to Düsseldorf tomorrow, and will likely spend a few days with assorted relatives until our Oberammergau date on the 21st.

Till then!

Anita and Charli



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